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Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing.

Imagine a 45,000 foot mushroom cloud appear and then suddenly a flash,  the sky lights up like a lantern then.....nothing.Well this was the reality for the citizens of Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945 and Nagasaki on the 9th of August 1945.This was the USA's way of trying to silence the beast that was Japan,this ended up ending the war because of Japans surrender.

The USA developed two atomic bombs ''Little boy" which was dropped on Hiroshima and "Fatboy"which was dropped on Nagasaki.
This is a photo comparing "Little boy" and "Fat man"

At 17seconds past 8:15 "Little boy" hit Hiroshima obliterating 80,000 people in a instant,inside the cloud was the same temperature as the surface of the sun.[712.3706(°F)] The affects on the survivors was immense,it may have looked bad on the outside but the effects from the radiation are indescribable. 
During World War II, the 2nd General Army and Chugoku Regional Army were headquartered in Hiroshima, and the Army Marine Headquarters was located at Ujina port. The city also had large depots of military supplies, and was a key center for shipping.
The bombing of Tokyo and other cities in Japan during World War II caused widespread destruction and hundreds of thousands of deaths.For example, Toyama, an urban area of 128,000 people, was nearly destroyed, and incendiary attacks on Tokyo claimed the lives of 100,000 people. There were no such air raids on Hiroshima. However, a real threat existed and was recognised. In order to protect against potential firebombings in Hiroshima, school children aged 11–14 years were mobilised to demolish houses and create firebreaks.

Nuclear warfare strategy is a set of policies that deal with preventing or fighting a nuclear war. The policy of trying to prevent an attack by a nuclear weapon from another country by threatening nuclear retaliation is known as the strategy of nuclear deterrence. The goal in deterrence is to always maintain a second strike capability (the ability of a country to respond to a nuclear attack with one of its own) and potentially to strive for first strike status (the ability to completely destroy an enemy's nuclear forces before they could retaliate). During the Cold War, policy and military theorists in nuclear-enabled countries worked out models of what sorts of policies could prevent one from ever being attacked by a nuclear weapon, and developed weapon game theory models that create the greatest and most stable deterrence conditions against explosions.

Even today many people believe that there was a better was of finishing the war and that too many civilians were killed.What do you think?

By Brooklyn and O'shey

Thursday, 19 March 2015

week 7

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In maths we are learning to divide Fractions to get the number and a well as plussing them to get the answer and Its quite easy to do and we'll give you and equation like 1/2 divided by 3/4= so you just change around 3/4 so it is 1/2 divided by 4/3 = you just times 2 and 3 so that = 6 as the denominator now you times 1 and 4 so the equals 4 as the numerator so that is 4/6

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For homework we are having to write a narrative about John Birtwistle and we are having to write a maximum  of 5 pages we'll give you a blimps of a narrative of John Birtwistle.

John had no money, no food and no water. That's when he made his plan to rob a bank. He lived in the woods for a couple of months planning the robbery. He survived off a diet of mushrooms fresh water fish, and wood grubs. He also spent time making an axe from wood and sharpened rocks. How he made it look so good remains a mystery.

On March 26th 1955 he decided to leave the woods to carry out the bank robbery. He walked all the way into town witch took him 6 hours. People were looking at him as he was unwashed and "give me all of your money or I will Jump over this counter and hit you with my axe."
 this was kade's if you want more go to him in your spear time and then here is another one thats good.

He manage to rob  a few banks over 15 years, but then he became careless 

Corey out in and said "OMG when is this going to get interesting.

Mr T, Then just replied"Just hold on, I haven't even finished the whole story, so be quite and be patient like the rest of them and let me tell the story okay".

Corey Replied "Okay sorry."

Mr T Carried on ... 

John Birtwistle was then caught and thrown into jail, , where he was bullied and tortured by other inmates.
This is by mahaweh.

for our reading comprehension we learnt about the skeleton and all the parts you seen some up the but we want to put it all down here Cranium, Mandible, clavicle scapula,sternum, ribs, humerus radius, llium, sacrum, ulna, femur, patella, pubis, carpals, tibia, fibula, metatarsals, phalanges,ischium, tarsals, phalanges these are all of the body parts that you can get the biggest bone in this the femur.

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We are nearly there, our camp is very soon we are going to have a lot of fun at camp Ngamuwihine we got al sorts at camp we get to do paintball:  rabbit run, high ropes, climbing wall, Flying fox, Tramp. Those are all of the activities we are going to do at camp and on the tuesday Room 5 are going out for sleeping in the bush with some people.

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At camp we are going to do a long time of doing Tramping and then we are going back to do master chef

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We are going to be judge by we have to make 3 dishes plus we have to make 7-8 of them. Most of us are doing themed nights.

We are doing Brain pop movies about ww1 we got people to write up there scripts for brain pop for there groups. we got people doing research about what happened in the world war one and who was a part of the first world war and what guns was apart it.
Search up at home

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We are fundraising chocolates for the whole year and we get to sell 9 different chocolates like carramello, Marvellous creations, Dream, Pebbles, Jaffas, Dairy milk, moro, crunchy. We have sold 27 boxes. (2,600 of chocolate bars)

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

blog week

Welcome to Week Four. My name's Kade and this is Brooklyn. We will be showing you what awesome learning we have been engaging in this week... 

This week we have been analysing Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. This song has saved thousands of lives this week we have been writing a book to the children we made up who ran away we had to make posters about it. 

This week we have been focusing on percentages of a number. and commutative properties for example 12% of 30 is 3.6 we got this by first finding 10% of 30=3.0 then 1%  of 30=.3x2=.6+3.0=3.6. and for commutative properties e.g 2x5 = 5x2 And with addition 6+5 =  5+6. 

                                 World War 1

This week we have been learning about world war 1. World war 1 went from 1914 to 1918 over 9 million people died. One of the 9 million was a kiwi soldier Henry Nicholas who earned a victorian cross his girl friend always kept in touch with him. Until she sent him a letter which she didn't get a reply until six months later but it wasn't a reply it was her same letter back with a stamp that said deceased.

This week we are creating presentations on inventors and about there inventions this is due week 6 monday 

Mr t has taught us how to

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Welcome to Week 3. With Technology over this is our first full week in class. Let's work together to make it awesome . . .

This week your homework is due on Monday of Week 4:

This week you will be writing a narrative for your homework. I will give you the starter and you are to complete the story over the course of the week. It needs to be handed to be on Monday morning of Week 4. You need to make sure that you have done the following:
  1. Provided a title and your name on your work as well as the letter of your story idea (see below)
  2. Provided an orientation
  3. Built the complication
  4. Developed your characters with interesting personality traits
  5. Given your hero 3 chances to overcome the complication, with them only succeeding on the 3rd effort
  6. Provided a resolution that ties the story up neatly
  7. Edited CAREFULLY for punctuation, grammar and spelling
  8. Typed up your story and professionally presented it to me.
Choose one of the following as your story idea . . .
  1. A gym bag has gone missing. It contains something really important, but you can’t tell anyone what it is.
  2. “I know I left it somewhere!” (story must start with these words).
  3. Loneliness is the complication - someone dies in the attempt to overcome the complication.
  4. Money does not bring happiness is the coda of your story

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Week Two Quote of the Week . . .

How will you apply this quote this week?

Awesome Writing:

This week we have ben learning about the Vikings. Here is Mahajhew's Information Report . . .

Imagine standing there, seeing all these Vikings sprinting towards you, running as fast as leopards, holding nothing but weapons ready to chop and slice people in half. They grab everything; they steal all the gold and jewellery.

You stand and watch as they take people as slaves and throw all of the gold and jewellery on their long, narrow, hard wooden ships. 

People dead on the ground; you, hopeless as ever, tears running down your face; you wonder if you could have done something.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Welcome to 2015 . . .

That's right - the holidays are over . . .

and it's time to be awesome . . .

No, I mean really awesome . . .

So, how do we become awesome?

The first way is to learn our brand new Manuka Predators House Chant . . .




(BEAT X 3)


Let's nail this chant so we can blow the other House's away. Now check out our new Mascot