Thursday, 26 February 2015

blog week

Welcome to Week Four. My name's Kade and this is Brooklyn. We will be showing you what awesome learning we have been engaging in this week... 

This week we have been analysing Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. This song has saved thousands of lives this week we have been writing a book to the children we made up who ran away we had to make posters about it. 

This week we have been focusing on percentages of a number. and commutative properties for example 12% of 30 is 3.6 we got this by first finding 10% of 30=3.0 then 1%  of 30=.3x2=.6+3.0=3.6. and for commutative properties e.g 2x5 = 5x2 And with addition 6+5 =  5+6. 

                                 World War 1

This week we have been learning about world war 1. World war 1 went from 1914 to 1918 over 9 million people died. One of the 9 million was a kiwi soldier Henry Nicholas who earned a victorian cross his girl friend always kept in touch with him. Until she sent him a letter which she didn't get a reply until six months later but it wasn't a reply it was her same letter back with a stamp that said deceased.

This week we are creating presentations on inventors and about there inventions this is due week 6 monday 

Mr t has taught us how to

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