Saturday, 14 February 2015

Welcome to Week 3. With Technology over this is our first full week in class. Let's work together to make it awesome . . .

This week your homework is due on Monday of Week 4:

This week you will be writing a narrative for your homework. I will give you the starter and you are to complete the story over the course of the week. It needs to be handed to be on Monday morning of Week 4. You need to make sure that you have done the following:
  1. Provided a title and your name on your work as well as the letter of your story idea (see below)
  2. Provided an orientation
  3. Built the complication
  4. Developed your characters with interesting personality traits
  5. Given your hero 3 chances to overcome the complication, with them only succeeding on the 3rd effort
  6. Provided a resolution that ties the story up neatly
  7. Edited CAREFULLY for punctuation, grammar and spelling
  8. Typed up your story and professionally presented it to me.
Choose one of the following as your story idea . . .
  1. A gym bag has gone missing. It contains something really important, but you can’t tell anyone what it is.
  2. “I know I left it somewhere!” (story must start with these words).
  3. Loneliness is the complication - someone dies in the attempt to overcome the complication.
  4. Money does not bring happiness is the coda of your story

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